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We aim to provide help and advice for people wanting to build their own website from complete novice to power users. Our Tutorials take you through every stage of building a website from a simple text page for complete beginners to more advanced topics like Streaming media & JavaScript. And we concentrate using programs which are free & you should already have on your computer.

We're still in the process of updating our site so aplogises for any errors


Our Tutorial cover all the skills you'll need to create a great web site from beginners guides to adding video, JavaScript. We've divided it into 3 groups. Our main tutorials which feature comprehensive guides for creating web pages using HTML, Frontpage Express and Composer for all levels of users. Our other tutorials which look at other web design skills not directly related to page building such as streaming media, creating web videos, FTP, site hosting and promotion. Whilst our Cool tips gives tons of quick and easy ideas to add to your site from JavaScript clocks and timers, slideshows and password protected pages

Our Comprehensive list of useful sites for web design for both novices and experienced alike

Welcome to our new help forum relating to all aspects covered by this site. Your chance to view others views and advice or you could post a question or a reply yourself. It contains our old FAQs

Our ever expanding Glossary of common web terms. Handy if you want to know your DNS from your PNG

Radically stripped down but still a place to come.
Feature now our Top 10 freeware list as well as site news


Video Tutorials
Creating web video tutorials

JavaScript Clock

Disable right clicking
No Right Clicking

Our condensed guide on what you need to make web video and how you go about itWant to add a quick time and date script to your webpages like the one above? Then check out this quick cool tip One of current cool tips favourites is the script to stop people right clicking and pinching your images etc.

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