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FTP troubleshooting

You've got it all ready but you either can't get it loaded up or see it when checking. This page give some advice (some is from our FAQ)

Before going any further have you done the following

  • Made sure you're connected when trying to use FTP?
  • Do you have the right address for your site?
  • Is your password and username right?
  • Have you read your ISP/webspace providers and FTP program makers help files?
  • Checked your dial up number is approved by your webspace ISP?
  • Made sure you haven't loaded your site into a subdirectory by accident (see basics)?

That should solve most worries. If not check out below & our FAQ. If still doesn't work drop us a line (sorry can't respond to all individually) at


I thought I uploaded but can't find my site. Not even my index.htm

I've followed the tutorial but some of my files aren't appearing on my site

Q: I thought I uploaded but can't find my site. Not even my index.htm

You may have inadvertently uploaded the whole thing into a subdirectory with the name of your hard drives website folder (see basics).

Either check your ISP site log if you have one (some allow you to access what's in your webspace as a list - check everything is in the right place) or try re entering the URL into your browser but adding the subdirectory name

e.g. if below is the correct address

and the website folder is called "website" try

You'll now need to reload your site to the correct area

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Q: I've followed the tutorial but some of my files aren't appearing on my site

Firstly if your server allows you, check what files you have uploaded or use your FTP program to check that they are there. Make sure it is there

Pay particular attention to the case of your file. Sometimes if files are of mixed case e.g. Xcvd334.gif then they get converted to one or other case e.g. XCVD334.gif. As the web is case sensitive the file your page is looking for won't be there

If your graphic file is there and has a single case filename, recheck the image address on your page. With HTML that should be easy enough make sure the src value is complete, matches the location of your graphic on your website & the syntax is all correct(e.g. <img src="subfolder/subfolder/yourimage.gif">).

Frontpage express and other WYSIWYG users should do the following. Load your page into the editor, and check out your image properties (usually by right clicking on it or by highlighting and selecting an image properties value form you menus. There should be some sort of image source box telling you where your image is located. It should just read its file name e.g. image.gif (or may have the subdirectory if you have your image in a separate folder e.g. ../otherfolder/yourimage.gif" or "folder/image.gif") but if there is a string including your hard drive destination (e.g. C://website/image.gif) then your page will always try to load the image from a hard drive called C. It'll work on your PC. but drive C doesn't exist on your server. Simple change it to read image.gif

Finally check that you've uploaded your file in the right FTP protocol (essentially ASCII for webpages and Binary for images).If you don't you can corrupt the files. Most FTP programs will make the choice automatically but you may need to manually override this. See here for more details.

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