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Microsoft® windows 95 and 98 comes with the option for a simple to use FTP program called Web Publishing Wizard as part of the windows setup. For the novice it is free & easy to use, although more experienced users will find its options restricted. Also you don't get a list of files on the server so you have to be pretty accurate about your entered URL's when updating to subdirectories.

To find it click the Start button on your desktop select programs and look for it. It may be in your Internet explorer folder or accessories.

If you can't find web publishing wizard check if you need to install it. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel then select add remove programs icon. Click Windows Setup tag and then click on Internet tools to open up a new window. Make sure the web publishing wizard box is ticked (if not do so and follow instructions)

addremove programs box

Once you've selected web publishing wizard from Start menu follow the on screen instructions. On the Select File or Folder menu put in the path to your web site folder (you can use browse) and click next. Then on the Name the Web server put in the box any name (it is not technically important so something you would remember like "Joe Bloggs server").

On the Specify the URL and directory type in the address given by your ISP e.g. .(see basics)

The directory for your web page should be in the box below. Click next and connect (dial up box should appear). The next follows some ISP security steps (often just your username and password but check). Complete the remaining pages as per instructed by the program

You can also upload individual files.

Say your site is located at

and you have a new page called new.htm to add.

Start web publishing wizard as described earlier and follow the on screen instructions. On the select file or folder screen get your file by using the browse files option (instead of the folder option) Then simply select your web server (or enter a new address if the file goes to into sub directory e.g. Then follow through as before.

Remember to upload any new graphics used in the same fashion

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