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Ipswitch Inc are one of several software manufacturers who offer a freeware FTP program. Essentially it is a more basic version of their WS_FTP pro program and is only available free to

  1. a U.S. federal, state, or local government employee (government contractors must use WS_FTP Pro)
  2. a student, faculty member, or staff member of an educational institution
  3. a non-business home user. (Recreational use only).

In also runs only on windows based machines

Ipswitch Inc are keen to push you in the direction of their more powerful WS_FTP PRO version (also available for a free evaluation period)

Click the link logo above or at the bottom of the page if you wish to visit Ipswitch inc. With some difficulty you'll find the WS_FTP LE pages tucked away (try site map) - well they don't make money from it

It is a very powerful tool but can appear daunting. It features 2 windows one on your PC and one on the server and lets you see detailed info about what files are there and when they were last altered

Here's how to configure and use WS_FTP Limited Edition to upload files to your personal Web space.

To get it started (click Start -> Programs, then WS_FTP folder, then WS_FTP95.exe). The Session Properties window will appear.

You must set up the software to connect to your webspace. You need only do this the first time you use WS_FTP LE.

Click on New. In the Profile name box (A), type in a name you'll remember your site by (e.g. ISP's). In the Host Name / Address box (B), type in the URL of your webspace server e.g."" . In the User ID box (C), type your username, which is usually the part of your E-mail address before the @ (e.g. If your E-mail address is, type "joe.bloggs"). In the Password box (D), enter the password you've been told to use (usually the same as the one you use to connect to the Internet). Click the Save button that appears and you're ready (you can click the Save password button (E) so that you don't have to type it in every time, but only if you are sure that no unauthorised people will use your PC). To begin with make sure the Anonymous button isn't ticked (E)

WS_FTP LE is now configured for you to upload to your Web site. To connect, click the OK button at the bottom left of the screen. After a few seconds, the software will connect and log on to your webserver and a screen divided into two panes will appear

The left hand pane (1) shows files on your computer. The right hand (2) one shows files in your web space on your web server (if you have already uploaded them -otherwise it will be blank). Both effectively act as a method of exploring the files on your PC and the webserver. You can move between folders as need be. The green arrow takes you up a level and if you get lost on the left pane (1) scroll down and you'll find your drives which you can click on to attempt to find your files

Find your website folder. Click on it to open it up (don't just highlight the folder and upload otherwise you will create your site in a subdirectory on your webspace). You can then highlight any files or folders you want to transfer up (If you want to send up multiple files click on one and hold down shift. Keep it held and you can then select adjacent files by using the up and down keys

There are 2 arrows (4) on the console to transfer files between your computer and your web server. The right arrow copies files from the left pane (your computer) to the right pane (Web server), while the left arrow does the reverse (remember this as if you accidentally wipe your website off your hard drive you can recover it).Click on the one you want and watch the highlighted files transfer. Make sure the transfer method is left on Auto (5) (see here for why)

The status window where messages will be displayed informing you on the progress of your file transfers. Once transfer is complete the right pane (2) will temporally go blank before reloading showing the uploaded files and folders.

You can then proceed to upload more files as required

Next time you use WS-FTP LE, you need only select the name you gave your webspace server from the Profile name dropdown box in the session properties window and click OK to connect.

Using WS_FTP LE allows you to transfer single files with ease as you can explore the list of files on your webspace and delete and transfer files with relative ease once you're used to it.

The other buttons you can use include the following. ChgDir and MkDir (3) to change to a new directory or create a new directory in either panes respectively. The Rename and Delete buttons respectively rename or delete files in either panes.


With thanks to Ipswitch Inc. for agreeing to use of screenshots.

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