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Normally when you add multimedia files to your site, they need to download and then run. If you've a large video or sound file this can take forever and your site vistors can have given up and gone off.

Streaming media allows you to get round this. Even lengthy video clips start playing after a few seconds, by playing the file as it downloads.

A word of warning. Media files including streamed ones are big and may rapidly use up your sites available bandwidth

Explains how streaming media works, the file types commonly used and wht you'll need to do to create your own

Real Producer basic 8.x allows you to create real media files with ease for your website on a standard server. If you can get hold of this sadly defunct software this guide walks you through what to do.

An example of real video in action

Here's a RealAudio® sample of a band called Kapello




Our list of other multimedia tutorials on this site

Windows Movie Maker guide

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Windows movie maker is a free bit of video editing software that can create .wmv files. see our guide.

our guide to other sites to help you through the multimedia maze


Real Networks

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(Disclaimer- we don't recommend, endorse or take any responsibility for the downloading, installation or running of any software referred to on this site and any subsequent damage or problems that the program or its download may cause. Your should always read the manufacturers instructions, warranties and disclaimers and our legal notices)

Just a reminder note about copyright. This is much the same as site graphics. If you are putting music or video on your site that you wrote, hold the copyright to (if there is one) and performed that is then that's okay under most countries' and international law (assuming it fulfils international and locally acceptable laws about it contents and lyrics - i.e.. Don't put a song on-line if if against the law to play it in front of an audience). Clearly if you change your entire music collection or a film' into downloadable files and place it on the web without permission from the relevant parties that is illegal and you might well end up being at the wrong end of a legal action. Between this the key is permission, so basically if in doubt don't do it and see about getting permission first (These thing vary from country to country and company to company - so we're not going to bore you to death about it and give potentially false legal info)

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