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Creating Website Pictures -An Overview

©2002 A. Duncan

Okay so you want to colour your site with great pics but you're unsure how to do this

How do you get your photos onto your website like this.

sunset dominican Republics
Sunset Dominican Republic Aug 1997. Image ©2002 A. Duncan

Creating digial images for the web is relatively easy and can be done with comparatively little outlay

You're going to need a camera to get started. If you've a digital one you can upload your pics onto your computer with ease. If not you'll need some method of converting your glossy pics into digital images.

Some photolabs offer to digtalise your pics and put them on CD or the web at the time of processing. Alternatively you can invest in a scanner and scan your pics yourself.

In either case once on your computer you'll probably need to edit your pics using photoediting software. In addiotion to allowing you to crop, resize and other tasks, most will allow you to export your photo files into the all important .jpeg or .jpg files (the standard web format used for picture images). Most scanners & digital cameras come with this and even if not you can pick up basic software for less than a tenner and even for free.

Once that is done you can simply add your pic files to your website

Lets look at all these stages in turn


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Page 2 Camera
Page 3 Photoediting
Page 4 Adding to webpages

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