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HyperTextMarkup Language (HTML) is the language that web pages are written in.

If you get your apprehensions out of the way, is it very easy to learn and your computer will probably have a suitable HTML editor already in the form of a basic text editor like Notepad (Windows based PC)

Although you can use like WYSIWYG editors like Frontpage express or composer do the to create webpages, they have their limitations, so learning some HTML is no bad thing.

In this part of the site we go from beginners guides to create a basic web page using HTML on to more advanced skills like adding sound video and JavaScript

Novice's Overview of HTML editors

Okay if everthing is sounding too much or you have no idea where Notepad etc. is on your PC don't panic. Check out our basic guide

Covered Topics
Finding Your Editor - Using Notepad - Saving files


Our guide to creating a basic website using HTML. Covers adding text, images, links, backgrounds, lines and uploading your site

Covered Sections
HTML Basics - text - images - links - backgrounds & lines - uploading

Intermediate Tutorials

Add some style to your pages with this run through of features such as tables, style sheets and lists. It covers adding sound and vision and also looks at using frames and how to update your site

Covered Sections
Tables - Lists - Sound - Video - More Links - Frames - Style sheets - Updating

Advanced Tutorials

More Advanced tutorials covering topics such as forms, Java, JavaScript (including event Handlers) as well as looking at browser specific tags and how to control windows opeing

Covered Sections
Forms - JavaScript - Java - Event Handlers - <button> tag - Controlling Windows - Browser Specific tags

HTML Hints and AdviceGeneral website design and HTML editing advice

HTML Reference Library

Guide to colour codes, special characters & tag list

Covered area
Colour Codes - Character/enity codes - tag list

HTML ReviewsWe list some books and other products you might find useful. Ranging from HTML reference books to freeware software

HTML LinksOur List of useful links for all things HTML







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Web Page Editors
Don't panic !!!
There are other ways of creating webpages without learning HTML. Here we assess the pros and cons.

Other Tutorials
Our other tutorials has advice on non-coding webdesign such as creation of web video, streamed media



Our HTML reviews cover a range of HTML books. Here are some we like
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(UK readers Click Here)

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